Farming was a very important part of Roman society. Rome had often imported grain from other parts of the empire ,including Britain, to feed its people. As the towns of Britain grew so they and the Roman army needed more  food.

The Romans brought new ideas on growing crops, new vegetables and herbs and better ways of breeding animals so that more food could be produced and farming became more profitable. A network of farms and their estates were created across the land where which the owners lived. We call these villas.  Rich townspeople would live in them as well, so they could get away from the busy towns.

Over time many of the farmers grew wealthy from the profits they made .They had  slaves do all the farming and servants to run the estates. The slaves, of course  usually got the dirty work to do  and they would make a lot of money for the owners.  The owners would decorate their villas with beautiful mosaics, and wall paintings. They might own fine furniture jewellery and decorated pottery or plate. The owners would live in luxury compared to the slaves who worked on the farm.

Character Biographies

Roman farmers wifeRoman farmerName: Maximus

Age: 19, IXX

D.O.B: 27/3/0011

Hi I’m Maximus the owner of this villa.. I really like my life because I like being in the country with the fresh air and animals. I have 2 kids and my wife was once a slave, I liked her so much I married her !. I have brown hair down to my ears and  I am fairly tall for a Roman. I live the villa which is outside the town but near the river Nene. As I get more money I hope to make the villa larger and put in some underfloor heating because it gets cold here in winter!,

I work with a person called Bathus who hates his job I don’t how why he doesn’t love it like me!


Name: Sternum

Hi, I’m Sternum I’m a servant, and I hate my job, A LOT!

I always want to do something else but I can’t say because I am the servant of Maximus! Anyway, I sometimes hide somewhere where Maximus can’t see me and occasionally escape so I don’t have to do my job. When I do eventually come back I always get more chores to do.

I always have to do my jobs and I never get a day off, EVER! I am always cleaning the  reception-rooms ,where Maximus and his lazy wife and children spend most of their time. I also clean the  dining room was where the family and their guests eat, lying back on their couches. Then there are the general living areas and the bedrooms where people sleep, the kitchen with its dirty stove,the  bath areas, servant quarters and slave dormitories. No wonder I feel tired at the end of the day !

I like our villa with its luxurious furniture and beautiful objects that Maximus has bought , but I don’t get to use them sadly because I’m only a servant.

I was separated from my mother, Sanctum and my father,  Sabotage, when  I was only four years old , and I don’t even remember what they looked like, but no worries, I don’t need them At least the life of a servant is better than being a slave working on the farm. They have to plough the fields ,sow seeds, harvest the wheat, plant trees, collect the fruit and finally work in the kitchens and serve the dishes . It is very hard work and boring  as well

Occasionally one or two of the slaves have run away . But they usually get brought back and then they are really in big trouble!


Name: Rozilia

Age: 10 (X)

Job: Slave girl   My job is to take care of the animals on the farm. I love my job; it’s like a home to me!

Family: I have 2 dogs called Fluffy and Cookie,

1 mummy, 1 daddy, 2 brothers and my aunt also.

Free time: We don’t have much free time I like to spin wool and then sew and knit with my mother and aunty .I’m not really a toy lover but I like collecting dolls!

Hobby: I really like cooking as well . My aunt works in the kitchens so I sometimes help her the instructions are the best I like reading I read a book a day.I help to chop up the vegetables and herbs, then I grind them in a mortarium to make really tasty sauces.

Friends: My best friend is Rose who also works on the farm.

Fave food for dinner: I love boiled beans and lovely carrots that I get from the farm!

Fave toy: as I said I love collecting dolls!

Features on me: Well, I have blue eyes blonde curly hair with brown high lights.

Where I live: I live in Britain but I’m a Roman subject !



The Remains of two Roman Villas at Waternewton. The Remains of two Roman Villas at Waternewton.
A View of the Remains of a Roman Villa in Sutton field, opposite Waternewton. A View of the Remains of a Roman Villa in Sutton field, opposite Waternewton.