The Romans needed pots of all kinds for many different uses- for storing preparing and cooking food as well as for table ware.  The area around Durobrivae and the Nene valley was an important centre of the pottery industry and there were probably hundreds of kilns and potters workshops scattered across the landscape.

As well as the cheaper and rougher greyware the area was famous for a particular kind of decorated pottery that we now call ‘Castor ware’ or ‘Nene Valley ware‘.

But there was lots of other industries here – metalworking, brick and tile making, carpentry and woodworking ,glass working, jewellery-making, weaving, barrel-making as well as milling, brewing, baking, and many others.

Because of the smoke and smell many of these tasks were situated outside of the town. The goods would have been taken into the town to be sold or transported further afield by merchants.